Tips to Hire the Best Mould Remover in the GTA

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The Importance of Hiring Asbestos Removal Companies in the GTA
March 10, 2018

Tips to Hire the Best Mould Remover in the GTA

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Testing your home for mould is generally not required. If you are able to smell and see mould in your home, it means you have a mould problem.  This growth is typically a symptom of a much bigger problem related to poor ventilation & the buildup of dampness and moisture. Homes with stagnant water on the property or with high relative humidity (high moisture) are more prone to mould growth.

How to find the best mould remover in the GTA

Many companies providing mould inspections & remediation solutions are skilled, reliable and honest. But when you are looking for a contractor to handle this job, it’s important that you look at certain aspects such as:

  • Multiple quotes– Identify a few experienced and reputed companies by conducting an online search. Get quotes from multiple operators and ensure that all the contractors are providing estimates for exactly the same work. It is important that the service provider visits your property rather than just giving an estimate over the phone. Be wary of an extremely low quote. Be cautious of consultants or contractors that use scare tactics to goad you into doing more than you really need to get done.
  • Referrals– Once you have shortlisted a few companies and find the quote to be competitive, ask them to provide referrals. Call some of their recent clients to see if they are happy with the services provided by the contractor. Find out whether they were satisfied enough to hire the company again.
  • Written inspection report– Make sure they provide a written inspection report that includes a detailed mention of all the different areas inspected. It should also include details about the cause of the mould buildup, sampling results and the solution to the problem.
  • License and insurance- Check whether the company has the appropriate licensing and insurance. They should be able to carry out the work in line with Ontario Health and Safety Act guidelines and the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Ontario Ministry of Labour regulations.

Regardless how great the mould removal company is, it’s important to understand that it’s not possible to make a structure 100% mould-free. So, avoid operators that claim to eliminate all the mould from your home.

For the best mould remover in the GTA, call Ontario Air Solutions at 416 716 9401. You can also request a quote via this page and one of our experts will call you shortly.

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